2016 5-weight Shootout

2016 5-weight shootout

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2016 5-weight Reel Shootout
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2016 8-weight Shootout
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Creeks, Lakes & the MO

Posted on May 21, 2016

Nate with a nice DePuy's brown. Photo: Kyle Travis   Well folks, it’s official. The Yellowstone is full run off mode. We’d suggest fishing any of the area lakes, spring creeks, or head to the Missouri for some good fishing. Give us a call at 406-222-7130 to get information or to book a trip. If you do find yourself out on the Yellowstone, please be safe and make sure that only experts are on the oars. The water is high and fast and will continue to rise for the next few weeks.   Nate Dotson and JG doubled up!!! Photo: Jed Doubles!!! Photo: Jed   Jed and Brody, locked on lakes. Photo: Kyle Travis   Read More >>