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The cold spell continues…

Posted on November 13, 2014

Frozenville, USA 9th street channel, not looking so good... The Yellowstone has pretty much been unfishable the past few days.  In some spots the river is completely frozen over, and in others there is far too much slush ice floating down.  It does look like we will get a break in the weather this weekend, but the high’s are still expected below 30°F.  Might be a good time to get those midges or streamers you’ve been meaning to tie up done.  Or read a book…  Or, if you absolutely have to fish, you might try fishing one of the Spring Creeks.  As long as the wind isn’t blowing too hard it can be bearable, especially if you have a pair of Patagonia’s neoprene R1 gloves or Simms neoprene Skeena gloves.  Without these your hands will be pretty miserable, not to mention to cold you won’t be able to re-tie your knots should you break off.  Bootfoot waders would be another plus, since you won’t be able to untie your laces until they thaw out.  If you do get out there, be sure to bring your midge box – with dries, clusters, emergers, and of course midge larva. A good time to winterize your boat for the season... wade fishing only for now... Read More >>