2015 5-weight Shootout

2015 5 weight shootout

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Yellowstone Report

Posted on January 29, 2015

Streamers have been working lately... Little streamer eater... With warmer days (a few days even broke into the 60′s), the Yellowstone has been fishing a little better.  It was actually so warm that the Shield’s river blew out, making below 89 just a tint to dirty to be worth your while.  The streamer bite has been best between 12:00-4:00, so there’s no rush to be on the water early.  Midges are still the main staple and that’s what will be working in the foam eddies or wherever else food might be collecting.  A Buzz Ball or Hi-Vis Griffith’s Gnat is a good indicator dry, with a zebra midge (or whatever kind of midge larva you like) as your dropper nymph.  For nymph rigs we’ve had good luck with a rubber legs followed by any size 16 bead head pheasant tail, copper john, lightning bug, ect.  Streamers have been been working here and there as well.  Black is always hard to beat (especially during the winter) but we’ve had decent luck on white, grey, tan, yellow, and olive as well.  In General one big streamer has been working better than two smaller streamers.  Retrieval rate doesn’t seem to matter as long as you are able to get your streamer(s) deep before you start stripping and twitching.  If you can, try to get out before the weekend, it looks like we could be back to snow for Saturday and Sunday… Read More >>