2015 5-weight Shootout

2015 5 weight shootout

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Clarity Sat. 4/18

Posted on April 18, 2015

Clarity in town 4/18 looks good, probably 2 feet Clarity is hanging in there although the streamer fishing has been slow.  We are starting to see some caddis and march browns again however.  A late start that leads into some evening fishing would be a good idea.  The fish are just now eating caddis dries so a dry dropper rig with a caddis pupa or caddis nymph will be the ticket.  The graph is going up at Cowrin (following the Lamar) so you might want to skip up high today and focus on the lower valley through town.  Below town is looking OK still, but expect a little less visibility from the shield’s and other small feeder streams the next few days…  406-222-7130. Read More >>