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Jackson Demler and Paul Bloch - locked again! Photo: Johnny Snook
Karl Gustafson with a nice valley brown... Photo: Hank Bechard

The dry fly fishing continues on the Yellowstone.  We’ve been seeing both nocturnal stones and larger brown stones hatching from top to bottom, as well as caddis in evenings.  Sallies are on the way out, but the fish still are eating them.  Larimeer’s Yellow Sally has been a shop favorite, (which will also float a caddis emerger with ease).  Give it a week or two and hoppers should be the main staple over here.  Water temperatures have been hot the past few days, but are now back to under 70°  in the afternoons.  Morning water temps have been around 63/64° so if you want to throw a streamer or two, mornings or evenings will likely be your best bet.  As expected, mid day has been a little tough, however you really never know when the big one might eat your fly.  Concentrate on getting good drifts and covering the water well, while at the same time keeping your line tight enough to capitalize when a fish does hit your fly…