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23" inch brown from the Lower Madison. Photo: Guide Johnny Noreika
A walleye from the MO - Bob Bergquist photo

Aside from the Yellowstone there are several other rivers that are fishing well right now, including the Missouri, Lower Madison, Upper Madison, Gallatin, Jefferson, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Yellowstone Park waters, and many others that shall remain unnamed.  The Bighorn is still off color right now, so if you are heading over plan on throwing streamers until things clear up.  The next two weeks should be some of the best fishing we have all year for large, aggressive brown trout.  Some of the streamer attacks could be out of hunger but many times this time of year we’ll see territorial strikes where the larger browns are nipping the tails of fish who invade their turf.  For this reason we like to fish streamers with stingers.