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Recovery teams are still working below 89...

The Yellowstone has dropped under 6,000 CFS.  While certain sections of the river have really shaped up well, others have become dangerous.  Sections to avoid include Yankee Jim Canyon, Pine to Carter’s, Carter’s to 89, 89 to Springdale, and Springdale to Greybear.  We highly recommend avoiding these sections unless you are 100% confident on the oars in scary / tricky situations.   Mayor’s to Springdale has been re-opened as of 9:00PM last night (7/29), smaller teams will continue the search as it transitions from rescue to recovery.  If you plan to use 89 take out (which we don’t recommend now), it is best to go to the left of the far right bridge pylon, rather than going to the right which has a bad hydraulic in it.  Once you pass the pylon on the left side, a strong rower can still make the take out.  There are also some fast waves along the cliff walls between Mayor’s and 89 to watch out for.  Accidents can happen at anytime, to any rower.  Until CFS drops and things are less sketchy, we recommend floating anywhere from Carbella to Mallard’s, or anywhere from Otter Creek (in Big Timber) down to Twin Bridges (above Columbus). When in doubt, if you “don’t know, don’t go.”

Unrelated to Friday's accident, this happened between Pine and Carter's