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August’s featured artist is Ashley Weber. She is a bad-ass lady hailing from Florida who works in many medias, including her specialty, stainless steel.


My main focus the past 4 years has been working in stainless steel. This is what my business has grown on. However, I still work in acrylic paints as well and also do some logo and design work whenever the chance presents itself to me.

Artist Statement:

One of the largest compliments I have ever received was from my senior thesis group when I was in school; is that I live in my art. I truly do live in my art. I have always been a very passionate person, and I think just by pure desire (and a lot of hard work), I have managed to manifest exactly the life that I want for myself. I have been actively working towards having a successful career as a marine artist since I was 16 years old. When I am not creating fish and critters in my studio, I am out there experiencing them.

Where are you from?:

Melbourne, Florida

How did you get started making art:

I graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL with a Bachelor’s or Fine Arts degree in Illustration. With an illustration degree, I originally worked in acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints. I transitioned into working with stainless steel during an elective metal-working course in 2016 during my senior year of school, which is now my main focus of work.

Why fly fishing art:

I have grown up on the Indian River Lagoon on the east coast of central FL and have been flats fishing my entire life. I picked up a fly rod a few years ago, and haven’t looked back. When I’m not working in my studio, I’m fishing. It’s all I know and all I do!

Favorite fly:

I do a large variety of fishing here in FL- but I think my favorite at the moment is when juvenile Tarpon eat a gurgler from the surface!

Words to live by/fish by: 

I live every single moment of my life with passion. A quote that I heard and loved from a friend recently, was “Trying to create more than I consume.” Create art, create moments, create memories, create awareness about the issues affecting our environment and waters.

Other favorite artists:

AD Maddox, Caleb Goins, Tony Fredriksson, Stephen Ferrell

You can find more of Ashley’s work on her website or on Instagram @ashleyweberart