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July 25, 2022

Yellowstone Fishing Well

The Yellowstone has dropped significantly and has been fishing well! A few of the fish getting caught look like they have swam through a marathon (without a ton of food) but others have been healthy and still look fat. People have been fishing mostly under a bobber, although we are starting to see some fish…

July 19, 2022

Dangerous Water / Changes on the Stone

People have been asking if there are any dangerous areas that have changed on the Yellowstone and the answer is definitely, yes. From the sounds of it, the scariest water has been from Pine to Carter’s, especially river right, about a mile and a half above Carter’s. The far right side channel sounds like the…

July 11, 2022

Salmonflies and Mud

We have been fishing the Yellowstone for about a week now. Despite clarity issues, the Yellowstone has been producing some trout and quite a few whitefish. On average each boat has been catching 0-5 trout and 5-10 whitefish a day. No lunkers have been landed yet, but lots of solid rainbows and cutthroat. There have…

July 2, 2022

Yellowstone Boat Ramps (part 2)

The Yellowstone has been dropping steadily the past few days and should be fishing well next week. We talked to 4 boats that were on it yesterday. One boat got skunked, two boats got one each, and the fourth boat got a few. Clarity is still only around an inch or two but should improve…

June 30, 2022

Yellowstone Boat Ramps

The Yellowstone has been dropping and looks like it could be under 10,000 CFS as early as next week. The river still has quite a bit of brown color to it today (6/30) but will be getting better as flows drop even more. The next issue is boat ramps. Here is a link to the…

June 30, 2022

Madison Fishing Well

The Madison river has been fishing well the past few days. Be prepared to see company on the upper Madison now that salmonflies are around. You can try to get above the big bugs by going up high, but it might be hard to get away from other boats unless you float very early or…

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