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November 13, 2011

Hunting down the man

Let’s face it, catching a 30 inch brown is not an easy task.   It takes time, money, dedication, preparation, skills (both on the river and at the vise), years of experience, luck, and perhaps above all, the mindset of a champion – one which is unwilling to give up.  An angler might have to…

November 9, 2011

Paradise Valley Spring Creeks

The browns are in full spawning mode on the creeks right now, which means it’s actually difficult to find a fish that’s not on a redd.  I only saw a handful of risers, all of which were dinks and too young to participate in the spawning ritual.  Seemed like every 16-20 inch fish in DePuy’s…

October 31, 2011

Yellowstone Park Closes Sun Nov. 6th

The fishing season for Yellowstone Park closes every year on the first Sunday in November.  The last week of fishing in the Park is some of the best we see all year…  The Firehole can have blanket baetis hatches, the Lamar Valley is virtually empty of anglers, and some real hog browns are around, (if…

October 28, 2011

Fly fishing solitude

Although the Yellowstone has been tough for finding huge browns on streamers right now, it’s nice to have the river to yourself.   If you are floating, having the first shot at fish all day long is key, so ask your shuttle driver where you can avoid the few other boats out there.  We’ve been wade…

October 22, 2011

Fall Fly Fishing in Montana

Looks like a great day to fish today.  Plenty of clouds throughout the day, 10-30% chance of precipitation, high near 60, and WSW wind between 12-22.  Not to mention, with big game season opening today you’ll see a lot more 4 wheelers (and 6×6 bulls) at the gas station than drift boats!  Looks like a…

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