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Samatha Brokman with a nice valley brown. Photo: Matt Carara
Attack from the back! Sam with another nice valley fish. Photo: Matt Carara

You know the Yellowstone is fishing well when you can’t find a parking spot at Point of Rocks, Mallard’s, or Carter’s!  The bad news is that it’s bumper boats.  The good news is lots of bent rods on big fish, on nymphs, streamers, and big dries.  Lots of people have had better luck fishing behind the bugs rather than right in them.  Perhaps it takes the fish a day or two to key in on the big dries, or perhaps they are already gorged on nymphs.  Either way the fishing has been excellent anywhere from Carbella to Carter’s.  Down low is still too high and dangerous to be worth it.  Look to fish town and below once it drops to 8,000 CFS.  For now focus on the big bugs since this is one of the few years you can fish Salmonflies on the stone.  We did have less clarity today up high and the river with the roller coaster CFS has been striped with green is good followed by olive is OK… No super brown mud yet but enough change in clarity to pay attention to it.   Tomorrow is certainly a go… either go early and beat the crowds or go afterwork.