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Mother's Day Caddis on the lower Yellowstone between 89 - Springdale

We’re now seeing thousands of caddis here in town and below, unfortunately the river is now about 8-12 inches of visibility and border line worth it (definitely worth it if you just want cool bug photos).  With temps in the high 70’s the next couple days the river will likely get even dirtier, leaving little chance for dry fly action.  Last night probably saw 10,000 caddis but only one rise.  I tried a mix of my favorite caddis dries (goddard, hi-vis elkhair, harrop caddis emergers, student caddis emergers, pupa, bread crusts), and nothing brought up a fish.  Even switch to two big streamers on a my 8 weight with zero results.  Definitely could have used an extra 6 inches of visibility, although it seemed plenty clear enough for fish to see the bugs and especially a big streamer or two.  Maybe they pigged out all day on emergers, but for whatever reason they were not at all in their usual mother’s day feeding frenzy.  Not much going on in the day, plan on a 3-4 mile evening float if you want to give it a shot… I’d be throwing streamers.