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Sam Fischer, aka the "Fireman" was on fire all day! Photo: James Anderson
Paul Fischer, "catching up" quickly! Photo: Jedwards

We’ve seen some thick callibaetis hatches already on local and private lakes, bring with them some fantastic surface dry-fly action!  In general, callibaetis have come early this year, (by about three weeks).  This has made both fish and anglers especially happy, and will continue to bring joy to all well into June.  Right now is one of the absolute best times of the year to get out and fish lakes, partly because many of our local rivers and tributaries are muddy, but also because this is some of the most fun dry-fly fishing we have for big, (often 20 inches or bigger) trout.  Water temperatures are still cool and the fish have been fighting hard to say the least.  We’ve seen some amazing jumps, swirls, and white water thrashing.  One fish completely straightened out the hook on our size #14 callibaetis biot parachute!  If the callibaetis aren’t out yet, (or the wind has blown them away) you can either fish streamers or fish nymphs under an indicator.  It’s fun to catch big fish on streamers right now, before they get wise to the bugger as the season goes on.  You’d think such big fish would inhale a large articulated streamer, but the majority of these fish are caught on smaller buggers, leeches, and even damsel nymphs.

The Fireman again, unstoppable!
Mr. and Mrs. Smith doubled up! Photo: Jedwards
One of many doubles!
The boys answer back!