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Clarity today in town - green and good to go! (6/24)

Last week’s cold and nasty weather temporarily shut off the snowmelt and as a result the Stone is looking good!  It fished well yesterday and looks like it should hang in there a day or two before warmer temperatures start to melt the snow again.  The Yellowstone will likely be in and out over the next week and a half so give us a call for the latest clarity report or to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130

Clarity today in town (6/24)
CFS on the smooth drop, (at least for today)...

If the Yellowstone does start to come up and gets too muddy to fish there are tons of other great options for fishing right now including the Spring Creeks and the MO, (for PMD’s), the Big Hole, the Madison, the Boulder, (for salmonflies), and of course private lakes (for callibaetis dry fly action and big fish).

John and Fisher Works, putting in the work! Photo: Kimberly Horne