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Clarity at Carter's Bridge 3/12 (8:00AM)

Clarity at Carter’s this morning was green and about 18 inches of visibility.  Sounds like the clarity yesterday was a little worse, so a the “plug” should be down low today but even that should be fishable with a foot of visibility or more.  Water temps are still very cold so if you are stripping streamers be sure to let them get down and move them slowly.  Dead drifting is the preferred method still until water temps are up a bit.  If you are nymphing try a mix of black or dark nymphs, as they will show up in the green water better.

Clarity at Carter's Bridge 3/12 (8:00AM) - green is good...

We just checked the river at lunch today and it was quite a bit dirtier at Mayor’s.  This must be the upper end of the plug as the river was much “greener” at Carter’s this morning.  With these warmer temperatures the river will likely be in and out the next few days.  Give us a call anytime for a clarity report:  406-222-7130.

Visibility at Mayor's Landing 3/12 (1:30PM)