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Clarity today (5/6 at 7:49AM) - less than 3-6 inches of vis

Clarity in town looks bit worse from yesterday but not as bad as we expected.  A few inches of visibility but the river is on the rise and will more than likely fish slow.  You never know though, if you are in the right eddy we’ve seen fish eat in a lot dirtier water.  Most of the caddis are in the town section now.  It’s a little on the windy side this morning, might be a good idea to wait and see how the afternoon looks and do a short float.  Or head to the lower Madison…

Mother's Day Caddis have popped in town (5/6 1:00PM)

Tons of caddis… not a single rise at lunch and again after work.  We have heard that DePuy’s has had a little caddis action however.

More family "Bondage" ... Photo: Brant Oswald