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7/31 Tripple Latte in town but clearing up high and clear below Springdale

Expect the thick mud (shown above in town yesterday around 7:30AM) to be somewhere below Springdale and Big Timber tomorrow.  Town should be clear by the morning of 8/1, as it was just a tint too chalky to fish well after work Wednesday.  We also somewhat of a “second plug” at Pine Creek Wednesday evening, which could be festering somewhere below Mayor’s today.  Super Savvy guides might be able to get in between the plugs to throw streamers (and the dice) but for the safest bet is up high.   It doesn’t look like any mud is coming from the Lamar Valley as of last night.  Check out the web cam above Yankee Jim for clarity changes, or for a sure thing just give us a call… 406-222-7130.  The river should fish well today for a big one…

7/31 "Second Plug" - photo taken at Pine Creek around 6:00PM
7/31 Town - 7:30 PM