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Clarity today in town (Monday, 8/12 7:45 AM)

The river had a couple good plugs of mud flowing through it this weekend.  Today things look green and good to go, with the exception of going down low (past Springdale).  Yesterday the river was clear from East End to Columbus but that section will likely see some mud today.  Yesterday we had trips in the Park and the Lamar was still dirty.  Gardiner looks green and good to fish right now, so we are unsure if this mud has already gone through or if more is coming.  Give us a call for the latest clarity report or to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Pine Creek webcam today (Monday, 9:40AM)
Benn with a big Park cutty! Photo: Bryan Leuenberger
Tom Reu and John with a pretty lake brown. Photo: Joe Krizan