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Clarity in town, (5/15 7:47 AM)

Clarity is hanging in there, at least for today. The west channel has some mud kicking in from a feeder creek, which means other feeder creeks could be bringing in a little mud as well. The Hydraulic prediction is calling for a steep spike by Tuesday, Monday should be on the fence. Then the hydraulic prediction has a drop starting next Thursday, so that might be something to keep an eye on as well. Lots of caddis over here, could be last call for double hall with a chance one last window late next week/weekend. The “W” is supposed to behave today but fingers are always crossed.

Mud coming in from the West Channel on 5/15.

CFS Flows on the Yellowstone at Carter’s Bridge 5/15.

Hydraulic Prediction by NOAA for next week, looks like a drop by next Thursday to keep an eye on…