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A healthy hen falls for one of Hank's articulated creations...
Ken and Donna Perrault with a nice brown. Photo: Paul Bloch

Clarity on the Yellowstone is looking good (at least 3 feet or more) from Gardiner to Big Timber.  The only deterrent really has been wind.  This time of year a steady 10-20 mph wind is more or less par for the course.  Gusts up to 40 or higher can be difficult and even dangerous to row.  Give us a call anytime for a wind report.  Sunday looks great on paper with a slight chance of showers, 10-15 mph west wind, and a high of 48 °F.  Early next week looks like mostly sun, so if you can get out tomorrow and enjoy the clouds while you can.  As for bugs not much has changed.  There have been small Fall baetis on the water nearly everyday, offering good dry fly fishing in the valley (or lower on less windy days).  Most of the fish eating dries have been in the 10-14 inch range, with a random larger riser.  Purple Haze has probably been our most consistent dry, however Harrop’s CDC baetis emerger has really been the top fly for matching the hatch the past couple weeks over here.  Nothing new as far as streamers go.  Everyone has their favorite color combos, we’ve been having good luck with white, olive, black, or tan.  If you’re fishing the same section of river over and over be sure to switch it up.  For those who are interested in nymph fishing, a rubber leg is a good lead nymph to help get your dropper nymph deeper.  Two Bit Hookers have been fishing well, as has the Micro May Fly.

Ravens -vs- Browns??? Photo: Hank Bechard