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Mike Dubis fishing an evening on Armstrong's Spring Creek
Bob Bergquist and Janet Dalton with a big Valley bow

The Spring Creeks have been fishing well the past few days. While the recent cloud cover hasn’t been as productive for the hopper bite on the Yellowstone, it’s been great for the hatches on the creeks.  There have been solid emergences of PMD’s, sulfurs, and midges throughout the day and even some size 18-20 black caddis in the evenings.   In addition to these hatches the fish are now looking up for terrestrials in the faster runs, as well as streamers late in the evening.   Lakes have continued to fish well with impressive callibaetis and damsel hatches, (at least for mid-August).  If you happen to be out on the water and don’t see much for hatches, try fishing a hopper with a callibaetis nymph, scud, or damsel nymph dropper.  Or if you have a sinking line, go deep with a black leech and a slower retrieve…