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Clarity on the Yellowstone (7/19 at 7:50 AM)

People have been asking if there are any dangerous areas that have changed on the Yellowstone and the answer is definitely, yes. From the sounds of it, the scariest water has been from Pine to Carter’s, especially river right, about a mile and a half above Carter’s. The far right side channel sounds like the most sporty, followed by the middle braid (since the far right channel comes back in hard with lots of force making a nasty hydraulic seam). There is also a gravel bar above Carter’s that has developed although it sounds like you can “bump and run” over it without much trouble as long as you are lined up straight. We have heard reports of a sketch hydraulic near the old 26 put in (which is now gone). The island below old 26 has changed and the river right channel has spilled at least one canoe. Same for the wave “Mr Bubbles” between Springdale and Greybear. The Sheep Mountain wave train has changed as well, with some rather large waves. A skilled oarsman will be able to skirt the train to the left or right but it could be trouble for less experienced rowers.

Miles Titland with another nice brown! Photo: Tom Titland

There are still some boat ramp issues as well as closures. Mallard’s rest is closed for the year (due to the eroding bank near the hairpin turn at the top of the hill). Brogan’s landing (above Yankee Jim) lost the road and looks closed for the year. 89 remains closed until FWP can inspect the damage and possible undercutting of the boat ramp. Grey Bear has a lot a sand in the boat ramp and people have been getting stuck…

Chase Chapman and Tom McDonald with a nice Valley bow!
Mike Hollic, locked all day! Photo Todd Barber
Eric Bratz with a hefty brown! Photo: Holden Russell
Guy Thomas with a healthy brown! Photo: Will Dillon