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Return of the Leadeye... Photos: Jedwards
Nice spots

No wind and a day off are two things that never seem to link up in Livingston.  However when we checked the weather on Saturday morning it seemed as if all signs pointed to FISH!  The wind was basically not existent all day, and with decent cloud cover the decision to fish Depuy’s was easy. Surprisingly with the calm wind there was not very much surface action.  We did find a pod of rising fish in the late afternoon above the pond, once one was hooked and played the pod quickly quit rising.  The majority of our success was found subsurface using #16-20 grey scuds or #18-22 midge larva as a dropper off a #16 spring creek PT or #16 pink worm.  After 3 o’clock the weather turned for the worst and we decided to end the day fishing our favorite pools with black streamers.  As usual this was very productive and we turned some nice fish before sunset…