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                                                                                             Pillows on the Stone
Iced out...

Fishing on the Yellowstone has proven difficult the past few days.  About the only places worth fishing are where warmer tributaries come in, the rest is either frozen over completely or not holding fish in the usual spring, fall, or summer, spots.  With temperatures rising from below zero back into the 40’s this week, we should start to see less slush ice and depending on the wind, it may be worth swinging one or two of your favorite runs.  Definitely try to get your fly deep and swing it as slow as you can, the fish are deathly lethargic right now.  If you really want to go fishing we recommend forgetting about the river and head to the spring creeks.  While you still won’t see a ton of action top, with the warmer water temps the fish will be much more active sub-surface than the on the Stone.  A scuds with a midge larva trailing behind it is a great go to winter rig on the creeks.  5X to your top fly and 6X to your dropper.  A small black or olive streamer also tends to work well out there this time of year…  Layer up, bring some gloves you can fish in, and a warm hat.  Give us a call for a wind report, usually when we get high temperatures the wind picks up. 406-222-7130.