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Sienkowski with a 23" incher from "Don't Worry About It Creek"

Although the Yellowstone is still rolling at 8,700 CFS it is looking pretty dirty.  Probably will be dirty until mid to late June.  There’s a slim chance the Yellowstone might be worth streamer fishing between now and late June, but right now we are pretty much just waiting for salmonflies to pop on the upper Yellowstone by 6/25.  They will probably start at Loch Leven around  6/20 and start inching up river.  With any luck, the water will clear up, the bugs will be as thick as usual, and the dry fly fishing will be insane.  Salmonflies, goldenstones, yellow sallies, chocolate caddis… hmmm… can’t wait.  For now we’ll look for big bugs elsewhere on other rivers in South West Montana.  We’re already starting to see shucks, looks like the fever is here!  (Guides and die hards – stock up on red bull now).  We’re anticipating one of the best salmonfly years in years.