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Not much hope out here on the stone
Flying South for the Winter? ... Good Idea!

With the weather forecast projecting brutal sub-zero temperatures this week, yesterday was one of the last days to swing a line before the slush ice shows up.  Although the browns are done spawning (for the most part) and should be moving back to their normal runs and holding lies, it will take a dedicated angler to get out there and pursue them.  Nymphing will be your best method of attack as the water temperatures are so cold the fish are not in the mood to chase a streamer.  With slush ice flowing down the river this will make nymph fishing extra challenging.  The Spring Creeks will still be fishing well however, and from now until late March, they will pretty much be the only game in town.  There are still a few tiny blue wings out on the creeks (size #22-24) but as we move further into the winter months the fish will be primarily keying in on midges, scuds, and streamers.  Stop by the shop and we can highlight a few of our favorite winter spots for you and show you some flies that are working.  To book a day just give them a call.  Armstrong’s:  406-222-2979, Nelson’s:  406-222-6560, or DePuy’s:  406-222-0221.