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Marcus and Mike Kovich with a good looking brown! Photo: Robert Kovich

It’s prime time for Fall fishing on the Yellowstone right now.  The trees are looking about as good as it gets and the browns have been eating here and there.  The main issue has been wind, however those who are willing to get out and battle the elements have had some success streamer fishing.  If you are going for numbers over size, you’ll still want to nymph as the water temps have been chilly, especially in the morning.  Get out there and enjoy a day on the water while it’s still “nice” out.  As always give us a call if you’d like to book a trip:  1-406-222-7130.

Stevie Ray Brown and Paulson rocking out on the river... Photo: Paul Fingersh
Tail gunner Robert Kovich with a nice one... Photo: Marcus McGuire
Fall colors are out in full force right now...
Jay Larson and Chase with the signature move! Photo: Sue Larson
Roberto with a Madison chromer... Photo: Marcus McGuire