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Braeden Hall with a nice Armstrong’s hopper eater! Photo: Holden Russell

The Yellowstone has finally cleared up after a long stint of thick mud. The mud gave the fish a great rest and the water temps dropped between 60-66 degrees. It does look like water temps could rise over the weekend however with more days in the 90’s. While the river was muddy we had good success fishing the Madison, the Spring Creeks, and local lakes. There is more rain and cooler weather in next week’s forecast, we will have to wait and see if some of that rain hits the Park (specifically the Larmar valley) and how hard it falls. The last few days we have been nymphing on the Yellowstone with success but hopper fishing will soon take over with better and better clarity. Give us a call for the latest report. 1-406-222-7130.

A pretty rainbow… Photo: Holden Russell
Chase and Ray with another solid brown! Photo: Terry Roberson
Brown Town! Photo: Holden Russell