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A 90 pounder to the boat... Photo: George Anderson

The Tarpon fishing has been feast of famine in Florida this year.  There has been windy weeks where the fishing has been so tough that anglers are quitting early or not going out at all, and calm days with happy laid-up fish ready to be fed.  In general, the fishing in the keys has been more consistent than the fishing in Boca Grand, however as we roll into May more fish should be moving up the coast.

The new G. Loomis Asquith 9'#11-weight in action... Photo: George Anderson

George has been fishing the new G. Loomis Asquith 9’#11-weight this year and really enjoying it.  He’s tried a handful of lines and putting them through the paces, including the Rio Directcore Flats Pro, the Scientific Angler’s Amplitude Grand Slam, and the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Tarpon line.   So far his favorite line to match the 9’#11 Asquith has been an Amplitude Tarpon WF-12-F SA.  He tried both the Rio Directcore Flats Pro WF-11-F, and WF-12-F, however these were heavier than the SA lines, making the Rio WF-11-F the better match up of the two.  Rio says these new lines have no memory, but they do have some.   If you are going with an Amplitude Grand Slam, then stick with a WF-11-F.

Vann Gravage with 50 pounds of keys chrome... Photo: Ted Christie