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We would love to have you join us on one of our hosted fishing trips around the world.  

Below you'll see some of our own Yellowstone Angler hosted trips for 2016 - 2018, and be able to read all about them by following the links provided.

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Jurassic Lake Argentina


TJ with a silver bullet
TJ Smith with a Barrancoso River Missile.  Photo: Nicolas Escalada



2020 Dates:  January 9th - January 19th (fishing dates: Jan 11 - Jan 17) $6170

with possible add on to Captain Lodge Jan 5 - Jan 12 (fishing dates: Jan 7 - Jan 10) $3640

Hosted by George Anderson 


Join our 2020 hosted trip to Argentina's Jurassic lake, where we'll catch some of the biggest and baddest rainbows in the world!  This year George is also going to host a trip to Captain Lodge, (formerly known as Kooi Noom) prior to the Jurassic Lake trip.  The price for this 4 day fishing trip is $3640.  The fishing dates are Jan 7 - Jan 10. 

This is just insane fishing for huge rainbows!  On our two 2015 trips, everyone on these trips caught at least one rainbow that was OVER 20 lb!!  And the numbers of huge rainbows you can catch in a day is mind boggling.  These wild rainbows average 4-8 pounds with lots that will go 10-15 pounds.  One of our guys in 2014 trip caught 98 fish in ONE DAY!  Then in 2015 Hank Bechard raised the one day mark to 108 fish!

On our 2015 trip, George's group set the all-time Jurassic Lake record for the number of fish caught over twenty pounds in one day.   15 rainbows over 20 pounds!  But this was due to a little luck - rain that brought up the flow of the Barroncoso River into the lake.   This is the only place on earth where you can go and have a lock on catching lots of hot rainbows that will run from ten to twenty pounds!  When you return from this trip, you can call your buddies on the phone and tell them,  "Yeah, we caught a lot of them, and they were BIG!"   And you'll have the pictures to prove it.

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Jurassic Lake photo gallery




Captain's Lodge

Captains Lodge formerly known as Kooi Noom


2020 Dates:  January 5 - January 12th (fishing dates: Jan 7 - Jan 10)

Price $3640: 

Hosted by: George Anderson

Join a 4-day fishing add on to our regular Jurassic Lake trip to the Captain's Lodge (formerly known as Kooi Noom). The Captain Lodge is located a 4 hour drive from Jurassic Lake, with miles of river full of 10 pound rainbows.  Think of it as Morain Creek in Alaska 50 years ago!  


Captain's Lodge + Jurassic Lake Price: $9800

Dates: Jan 5 - Jan 19

(Fishing Dates: Jan 7- Jan 17)




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Captain Lodge Argentina






Esquel Outfitters Argentina 

2020 Dates:  January 1st - January 13th (fishing dates: Jan 4 - Jan 11)

Price $5,995: 9 nights lodging, 8 nights fishing 

Hosted by: Logan Brown



James Anderson brown

James with a nice brown from our 2019 trip



Join us for a real adventure this winter in the wilds of Argentina, catching big browns, rainbows, and brook trout from some of Argentina's finest rivers, spring creeks, and lakes!  There is no better way to beat the cold weather than to head south for a week or two... way south!


This will be our eighth trip fishing with Esquel Outfitters.  Although new outfitters have set up camp in the Esquel region, Esquel Outfitters remains the only outfitter that can book camping trips on the Chubut river, as well as the only outfitter who has private access to a large section of the Gualjaina Spring Creek.  This equates to over 80 miles of exclusive private water that is only fished by Esquel Outfitters!   Even better, they rest these fisheries appropriately, so the fish are always fresh and never pounded unlike many privately managed streams and lakes in Montana.

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Or click below for our Esquel Outfitters Patagonia Photo Gallery:

Argentina photo album