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Bring your studded wading boots...
On the swing... Photo: Jedwards

If you haven’t been out fishing the Stone lately, you haven’t missed much.  Most days it has been excessively windy, little to no midge hatch, and freezing cold.  Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, (or want to practice casting for your upcoming Tierra Del Fuego trip) don’t even bother.  If you are looking to catch a fish try fishing a tailwater or one of the spring creeks instead.  If you’re absolutely dead set on fishing the Stone, focus on areas where warmer tribs run into it.  If you get lucky and have no wind, the only fish we’ve seen feeding have been eating midges.  If you want to nymph, try a dead drifted sculpin, a rubberleg, or a $3 dip.  Streamers have been the least effective, but then again you never know when the big one will wake up.  If you do try streamers, swing them or retrieve them as slowly as possible… it’s cold out there!