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yellowstone angler hand tied leaders
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Our famous hand tied compound leaders, are the best performing leaders we’ve ever used. If you want great accuracy and presentation look no further.   Presentation and accuracy are the keys to catching fish, and these are the best leaders we’ve ever used. They will turn over far better in the wind or with larger drys and nymphs than other leaders, yet still give you wonderful and delicate presentations. By tying this leader in sections, we utilize stiffer clear Maxima for the butt and mid sections,and softer, stronger co-polymer materials like Rio for the tippet sections. These compound leaders allow any angler to cast tighter loops with far more accuracy than knotless leaders. The knots are rarely a problem and the performance and accuracy you get with these leaders far outweighs any small inconvenience suffered in weeds or slime. These are relatively stiff leaders so you need to stretch them once after you rig up to get them nice and straight. Then they will cast like a dream. We tie these with a perfection loop at the butt end, which make them easy to “loop to loop” to your butt section. We have been tying and selling these leaders here in our shop for over 30 years, making slight changes in design and materials as the technology has improved. We use the strongest tippet material we can find, then use an improved blood knot for the tippet knot to give close to 100% knot strength. You simply won’t find a better casting leader anywhere!