2016 holiday wish list

2016 Holiday Wish List Ideas

Finding the angler in your life the perfect gift



the Yellowstone Angler staff 

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  Logan Brown       Josh Green        Francis Clougherty

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It’s that time of year again.  Finding a fly-fishing gift for that special angler in your life, (who already has everything), can be a real challenge.   This year I asked the guys at the shop to each come up with their own “Holiday Wish List.”  The main objective was to think of items that would not only make great gifts, but also be of great value for the price.  Sometimes value came as an inexpensive item that can be used frequently by the recipient.  In other cases, the guys chose a particular product because it was durable and will last the test of time. 


Please take a look through each of their individual lists.  (Click on each staff member’s photo or name to see their individual lists).  They all had great ideas for different gifts, but they also agreed on several products as being the best you can buy.   3 products showed up on everyone’s list:  Simms waders, Scott Meridian fly rods, and G. Loomis Asquith fly rods.  Fly-Agra, Tacky Fly Boxes, Fishpond Nets, Douglas DXF fly rods, our ultimate outfits, and a free Guide Trip Gift Certificate also showed up on more than one person's list.


Whether you are spending under $10 on a stocking stuffer or over $2000 on a life changing present, remember it is truly the thought that counts.  We hope our collective gift brainstorming helps give you some insight on what the angler in your life might like, whether you order something from us or pick it up at your local fly shop.  




Products that made everyone's wish list 



Simms G3 GORE-TEX ® Waders

Simms g3 waders

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The Simms G3 wader showed up on everyone’s radar as one of the best holiday gifts ever.  Yes, they are expensive but they are also the most durable and versatile wader on the planet.  In our 2013 Wader Shootout, the Simms G3 wader hit the podium with a landslide victory over everything else out there.   3 years later, we’re here to tell you the score hasn’t changed.  Let the loved one in your life experience the difference… 


Wader Shootout

 wader shootout


Logan's comments:

The Simms G3 Bootfoot Waders are the warmest most comfortable wader I’ve ever worn.  You can slide in and out of your waders with ease.  Perfect for a quick roadside stops to make a few casts on your way to work.  I do prefer the LUG soles over the felt.  They are easier to clean and you can stud them easier than the felt version, not to mention they don’t clump up with snow in the winter.  Please call to order as sizes are limited.  406-222-7130. 


JG's comments:

Is there a guide or fishing enthusiast on your list this year?  Chances are (if they’re anything like the anglers I know) they need new waders and boots.  This is a big purchase and something that a lot of us fishing bums can’t fork over the dough for.  The Holidays are the perfect time to help out the river liver in your life.  The G3 waders and boots from Simms are top notch in durability, dependability and breathability.  You’ll get seasons of fishing and water time out of this set up and not just one season.  The waders feature a 5 layer Gore-Tex wrap that will keep you dry and free of perspiration all day long while at the same time keep the briars and thorns at bay for years of use.  There’s no better feeling than giving someone you love the gift of staying dry and warm, while they pursue something they love…


Francis' comments: 

With colder months in the near future nothing says comfort and relaxation when out in the elements like the new 2017 Cadillac Escalade.  If you do not have $80K to go towards a new car, however, a new pair of Simms G3 Guide Stocking Foot Waders ($499.95) comes in a close second. Made in Bozeman, these waders are built to last, and protect you from the elements. This is one of the few items I use exclusively every time out on the water when I need to stay dry, cozy and warm.




Scott Meridian Fly Rods

Scott Meridian

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Another timeless product that made everyone’s list, the Scott Meridian has won awards and praises nation wide, specifically the 9’#8 weight - which won our 2016 8-weight Shootout. The Meridian has that perfect blend of feel and power, lightness and castability.  The Meridian is stylish, made with top of the line components, and is one of the best all-around fly rods ever made.  It casts well close, far, and in the wind.  Due to high-demand, wrapping this rod and getting it under the tree may be difficult this season.  Be sure to order quickly and get in line, as these rods are prone to backorders.


 8 weight shootout

8 weight shootout


Logan's comments: 

The winner of our 2016 8 weight shootout.  I love the Scott Meridian 9’#8.  Every customer who has bought one is absolutely in love with it.  I have never heard so much positive feedback on a rod as I have with the Scott Meridian.  It is an absolutely stunning rod and its performance is second to none.


JG's comments: 

If the G. Loomis NRX is not your rod, if you like a slightly stiffer tip, or if you just prefer Scott rods, take a close look at their flagship model - the Meridian.  This rod is packed full of technology that makes it strong, light and accurate.  This is a great rod for someone who enjoys flats fishing or fishing large streamers here in the West. 


Francis' comments: 

Scott Meridians are some of the most powerful rods on the market. Built to withstand the harsher saltwater environment, these rods are incredibly light and will keep you casting longer and catching more fish.  If you’re looking for a great saltwater rod, check out the 9ft. #8wt. as this rod is an asset to anyone chasing sunshine, sand flats, and bonefish.



G. Loomis Asquith Fly Rods


G.Loomis Asquith

G.Loomis Asquith

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Nothing quite says Merry Christmas like a brand new $1000.00+ G. Loomis Asquith, which is sure to be near or at the top of every angler’s wish list.   The Asquith 9’#6 weight placed second in our 2016 6-weight shootout, however we feel in the 8-weight and up it is going to be nearly unbeatable.  In the stronger weights the Asquith truly deserves 5 stars in every category, including lightness, top-of-the-line components, durability, craftsmanship, and fishing performance.  

Part of the Asquith’s secret to revolutionizing the fly rod industry is the method in which the Asquith’s blank is rolled.  G. Loomis utilizes a new technique they refer to as the “Sprial X” platform, which rolls the blank in a spiral from the bottom up rather than traditionally, where the graphite is rolled on to the mandrel in a more perpendicular fashion.  The result is that G.Loomis is able to make a lighter rod without the risk of breakage, making the Asquith the lightest and strongest rod G. Loomis has ever produced.  

We have a couple 9’#5 Asquiths in stock, but unfortunately the larger sizes remain backordered.  We hope to get them in time for the Holidays, if not shortly after. 


Logan's comments: 

The G. Loomis Asquith was my favorite rod in the 2016 six-weight shootout.  This is the rod you want.  It is an incredible rod with an incredible action.  


JG's comments: 

The G. Loomis NRX and Scott Meridian are great rods.  If however, you want to buy the most technologically advanced, strongest, best power to weight ratio fly rod ever built, forget those…  Enter the Asquith.  This rod is all those things, (as well as the most expensive and prestigious production fly rod ever made).  G. Loomis has paired with their parent company, Shimano to produce a fly rod in Japan that uses a technology called carbon spiral wrapping.  This technique overlays several thin sheets of carbon in a specific pattern which adds rigidity and strength, creating a rod the likes of which the industry has never seen.  It also makes for a lighter rod and helps tracking and accuracy.  This rod should be on everyone’s wish list!


Francis' comments: 

If you’re looking for the best rod money can buy look no further than the G. Loomis Asquith ($1,000-$1,200) These fast action rods can do it all.  These rods are some of the strongest most powerful rods on the market. The Asquith can do it all, and preforms excellent up close and out at greater distances. Also check out the Asquith spey rods ($1,200- $1,400) everything that's a great about their one handed rods, put into a spey rod, they’re some of the lightest, strongest and most responsive rods on the market.



Products that made two out of three wish lists


Flyagra   Tacky Fly Box   Fishpond Boat net

                        Fly-Argra                          Tacky Fly Boxes                    Fishpond Nets



 Douglas outdoors DXF    guide trip gift certificate    ultimate fly fishing outfits    

                   Douglas DXF                Guide Trip Gift Certificate        The Ultimate Outfits