Beulah Platinum     9’ 5-weight        $425.00

beulah Platinum

Beulah Platinum

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George's Notes:

Another great rod from Beulah that is both attractive and smooth casting.  It has a slightly slower action than the Guide Series II, with more of a medium action.   It was more forgiving than a lot of the faster rods.  It felt buttery smooth to me, especially at short to medium distances, but it did throw the line at a lower velocity than the faster rods and this hurt its long distance performance.  

The fancy cork handle jumps right out at you and sets it apart from other rods on the rack.  Beulah uses three very different shades of cork on both the top and bottom of the full wells grip with standard color cork rings in the middle.  This has a nice swell in the middle and felt quite comfortable.  The blank itself is a chocolate brown with lighter brown wraps and trimmed with darker brown and some silver wire on the butt.   The reel seat is a single uplock, silver anodized skeleton seat with an attractive piece of walnut burl for the spacer.  The guides are one SiC stripper with the rest hard chrome snake guides.


The perfect line: S.A. Amplitude MPX in WF-5-F.

Performance at 25 feet:  18.9 points out of 20

Very smooth with nice loops and good accuracy.   I gave the edge to the Platinum here over the Guide Series II.

Performance at 45 feet:  18.9 points out of 20

I was impressed at how smoothly this rod cast but head to head the Guide Series II, Recon and DXF were better. 

Performance at 70 feet: 8.0 points out of 10

Here the lack of stiffness and the slower action hurt.

Almost all of the rods in our Shootout were better out long.  Only the Pulse was worse. 



Beulah Platinum

Beulah Platinum Buy Now

James' Notes:

The Beulah Guide series II is a fantastic rod for the money.   The GS II is faster in action than the Beulah Platinum, and while it doesn’t have as much feel in close as the Platinum I think it is a better all around rod, especially for setting the hook while nymph fishing or casting on windier days.  

We’ve had good luck with the Guide Series II holding up well with very little breakage.  Usually the lighter, inexpensive rods are more prone to breakage problems, but this hasn’t been the case with the Guide Series II rods.

Honestly the only issue we’ve had with this rod and the Platinum is keeping them in stock.  They are popular rods for us but since they are built in Asia, once Beulah runs out of stock, it often means a lengthy wait to get more.   


Performance at 25 feet: 18.8 points out of 20

Of the less expensive rods, only the Aetos felt better to me.  The Beulah Guide Series II produced some tight loops and was able to turn over the 12-foot leader just fine.  Excellent accuracy and power although significantly less feel than the softer Beulah Platinum.  

Performance at 45 feet: 19 points out of 20

Lighter and faster than the Beulah Platinum.  The Guide Series II was a more accurate rod for me, especially when the wind picked up.   Not bad! 

Performance at 70 feet: 9.4 points out of 10

Light in hand, this rod felt great, but I just couldn’t punch it and get the kind of performance at long range as I did with the TFO BVK, Orvis Recon, and Sage Pulse.  Still, I liked this rod, even at 70 feet.



Beulah Platinum

Beulah Platinum

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Logan's Notes:

The Beulah Platinum seems to be a better dry fly rod than anything else.  The Platinum did seem slightly heavier than the Guide Series II, but both are great rods for in-close, dry fly presentations.


Logan’s Casting Notes:

Performance at 25 feet:  18.5 out of 20

This is the Beulah Platinum’s bread and butter.  I was able to make accurate and delicate casts at 25 feet. 

Performance at 45 feet:  17 out of 20

The Platinum was still very good at 45 feet, but was less accurate than the Aetos at mid-distance.

Performance at 70 feet:  6 out of 10

I wasn’t able to get very close to plate at 70 feet with the Platinum.  I did get it to go a few times, but this, too, is not a rod to fish at longer distances. 


Beulah Platinum

Beulah Platinum

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JG's Notes:

The Platinum is a really sweet looking rod.  The first thing you’ll notice when you pick it up are the fine aesthetics, especially the variety of cork styles in the handle, and the nice dark finish of the blank. The action is a little slower than most rods, but if looks are important and you don’t plan to fish past 60 feet, this is a good rod.


25 Feet – 19.6 points out of 20
I got really good accuracy out of the Platinum.  At short range the casts don't splash down, and I could put them just where I wanted them.


45 Feet – 19.4 points out of 20
The platinum hits 45’ well and with good accuracy.  Short to medium range targets are the sweet spots for the Platinum.  The softer action of this rod will help to protect light tippets as well as deliver flies softly and gently to their mark.


70 Feet -  18 points out of 20
I was able to reach our longest targets without much trouble, however I didn't have the best accuracy.  This is a great rod but maybe not the best choice for anglers who want to reach the farthest targets.

Beulah Platinum

Beulah Platinum

Beulah Platinum

Beulah Platinum

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