Loop Cross SX Fast   9’ 5-weight      $759.00

Loop Cross SX

Loop Cross SX

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George's Notes: 

Here’s one of Loop’s new rods that has tons of power, delivering very impressive performance at mid to long range.  Loop’s Opti Stream is a bit lighter in overall weight and swing weight and does perform better at short distances.  But at mid to long range, the SX was significantly better.  If you are a fast action guy, you’ll love this rod.  It has an abundance of butt and mid section power yet a more flexible tip.  I like the action, and the SX provided one of the better performances at mid to long range.  Loop promotes this as one of their top performance rods and we can’t argue with that.  It’s definitely better than the Evotec Cast, which didn’t make it into our Shootout.  

Like the Opti Stream, these rods are designed in Sweden but built in Korea in the same factory that produces the fine Douglas rods.  And there were a few similarities to the Douglas Sky, especially the cork grip and the same nice flat gray finish.  The blank designs, however are totally different. 

I like this flat, non-glare gray finish and it contributes to the SX’s elegant appearance.  The wraps are black, trimmed with red on the butt section.  The handle is a half wells, western style but with attractive contrasting cork rings at top and bottom.  The aluminum single uplock reel seat is unusual in that you can see the blank, and where a spacer would be, there are three aluminum rods that connect it to the grip, giving it strength.  Guides are one SiC stripper with the rest dark colored hard chrome snake guides. 


The perfect line: S.A. Amplitude MPX in WF-5-F.

Performance at 25 feet:  18.5 points out of 20.

With its heavier swing weight and stiffness, I didn’t have much feel in close and the accuracy suffered.  The Opti Stream was a lot better in close, as were the Sky and Helios 2. 

Performance at 45 feet:  19.4 points out of 20

At mid-range this rod really came alive.  I could throw very tight loops with good control and accuracy.  But the SX was definitely not in the same class with the LP and Radian.

Performance at 70 feet: 9.4 points out of 10

Impressive at long range with great control and nice tight loops.  Only the Avantt and Asquith were noticeably better.



Loop Cross SX

Loop Cross SX

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James' Notes:

The Loop Cross SX is a powerful stick.  I absolutely loved the SX 9’ 6-weight model, which I had tied for 1st place in terms of the best 6-weight on the market, along with the 9’ 6-weight Douglas Sky.  Like the 6-weight SX, the Loop Cross SX 9’ 5-weight is also an aggressive rod with the best performance at mid to long range. 

Here’s another no nonsense stick that will hammer out 60’ plus casts with ease.   But I think the SX is just a bit too stiff to be a perfect all around 5-weight.  For anglers looking to fish shorter distances or more critical situations like the spring creeks or flat-water for rising fish, using small flies and light tippet, the Loomis NRX LP, the Scott Radian and the Loop Opti Stream are better options.


Performance at 25 feet:  19.2 points out of 20

Although this rod feels stiffer than most, it is very accurate and feels nice and light in hand. Accuracy is so good it makes up for lack of feel.  But if you are looking for more delicate presentations at short range, think G. Loomis NRX LP, Scott Radian, or Hardy Zephrus.

Performance at 45 feet: 19 points out of 20

Powerful and accurate, this is a great rod, but I’m not getting as much feel or accuracy as I was getting with the NRX LP, Scott Radian, or other top rods.

Performance at 70 feet: 9.6 points out of 10

I was expecting the SX to crush it at 70 feet, especially since I love the 9’ 6-weight Loop Cross SX so much.  This rod did very well at long range, compared to most rods, but I wasn’t getting the kind of accuracy I got with the Scott Radian or Orvis H2.



Loop Cross SX

Loop Cross SX

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Logan's Notes:

The Loop Cross SX is a new rod for our 2017 Shootout.  It is light in the hand, and I liked its great feel. I preferred the six-weight model that won our 6-weight Shootout, and this 5-weight is a very nice casting rod.  The reel seat on this Loop rod is an unusual European style. I’m more a fan of skeleton seats with a wooden insert, but this one certainly is different, setting it apart from other rods, a feature many anglers may like.

Logan’s Casting Notes:

Performance at 25 feet: 17.5 out of 20

The Loop Cross SX has a slightly stiffer tip, which made it just OK at 25 feet.  It was smooth and accurate but you really had to punch it in there.

Performance at 45 feet: 18.5 out of 20

This is where the Cross SX was best.  I was able to hit the plate with consistency.

Performance at 70 feet: 8 out of 10

The power of the Cross SX helped me make repeated casts out to 70 feet.  This rod would be a perfect 5-weight for Puget Sound cutties, with its faster action and all-water reel seat.



Loop Cross SX

Loop Cross SX

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JG's Notes:

The Cross SX is a powerful rod that feels great in my hand and looks sleek and stealthy.  Like the Wraith, this rod performs better at long range than at short distances.

25 Feet – 17.8 points out of 20
The SX is a little too stiff to get top marks at 25 feet. Because there isn’t much flex in the tip, the rod doesn't load well in close and that hurt the accuracy. 

45 Feet – 18.9 points out of 20
From mid range on out the SX is really nice.  If you’re looking for a rod that has more power than most 5’s the SX is a good choice.  I had to be careful not to hammer the delivery or risk what would have been a hard splash. landing. 

70 Feet - 19.2 points out of 20
It’s easy to produce a lot of line speed with this rod thanks to its fast action and stiffness. Tight loops were a breeze. This rod zings casts out to 70 feet with good accuracy.