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4.  Custom Flywerks Quantum 12’7” 5-weight $695.00

Custom Flywerks Quantum by Steve Godshell trout spey
Custom Flywerks Quantum by Steve Godshell trout spey

Here is a fantastic trout spey rod designed by Steve Godshell.  If you are familiar with Bob Meiser’s spey rods, then you may recognize the distinct and amazing work that Steve does coming out of the same shop. Steve’s reputation as master rod designer and line wizard are not only warranted but underestimated. Words like master, guru, and genius all come to mind when thinking of Steve and his work.

Custom Flywerks rods are all built on mandrels designed by Steve, but with the impeccable quality and workmanship you’d find in a Meiser rod.  In our opinion these rods should really cost over $1,000.00.  You may want to buy one soon, since eventually the laws of supply and demand will work themselves out, and these will cost more than a grand!  (And they should)…

The Quantum 12’7” 5-weight is the longest rod in the shootout, yet you’d never guess that by picking it up.  Comparatively, it feels exeptionally light and well balanced.  Similar in action to the Beulah Onyx, the Custom Flywerks Quantum is more of a medium action than a fast/stiff action, which stays true to many of Steve’s rods.  As such, it is delightful and effortless to cast, although not as powerful as the Sage ONE, T&T DNA, or G.Loomis IMX PRO.  Mending is a breeze with this rod, and high sticking it into your swing is delighful.

The Custom Flywerks Quantum blanks are finished in a gray graphite color with matching gray thread wraps over carbide ring TiCr strippers and TiCr snake guides.  With a similar look to Scott’s blanks, the tape marks remain unsanded.  The end of each section has an interesting “checkered” carbon fiber weave that I’m not used to seeing on other blanks.  One of the amazing things about the Custom Flywerks rods (something you’ll also find on Meiser’s rods) are the colorful feather inlays located just above the cork handle.  You can choose from a variety of feathers, but my favorite is the turkey feather with a single plume of jungle cock.  In the sun, the turkey feathers turn brilliant and iridescent, and look a different color depending on the angle you hold the rod.  The cork is also off the charts in terms of both quality and aesthetic beauty.  Easily my favorite cork handle of all the rods, as the handles felt perfectly shaped.  The down-lock Titanium Gunsmoke reel seat looks as fancy as it sounds, with two very smooth spinning lock rings.  An aluminum rod tube and cloth bag are included.  

Attention Sage – this is what a thousand+ dollar rod should look like!

Casting Notes:

Similar in feel and lightness to Beulah Onyx… Very light feel, I would never have guessed this was the longest rod in the test.  This rod performs best when you slow down and let the rod do the work.  When taking your time this rod is effortless to cast.  If you are really trying to bomb it out there as far as possible or need to punch it into the wind, the Sage ONE, G. Loomis IMX PRO, or T&T DNA are going to have usuable more power.  If you are fishing reasonable distances however, it will be hard to find a rod that feels as smoothly “zen” as the Quantum.   

Note* due to limited stock there is often a waiting list 2-6 months with these rods depending on the model and how busy Steve is.