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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line
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In the past we have used the Scientific Anglers lines since they shoot better and hold up longer than any other line we have found.  This year SA has come up with an impressive new line series called the Amplitude Smooth.  This is a smooth line, rather than one with a textured coating.  I’ve always liked the smooth lines, as they don’t make so much noise running through the guides.

These come in two models, the Amplitude Smooth Trout, which is a standard size line, and the Amplitude Smooth Infinity, which is a half line size heavier.  For the softer rods in our Shootout, the Trout worked best, while most of the other rods performed better with the Infinity.  We make a note of which was the best line with the write up on each rod.

Both lines utilize an improved dry tip, (the last 5 feet of the front taper that is designed to float better), and utilize SA’s AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting performance.  We can attest to this as these lines shoot like crazy!  It is important for any fly line to shoot well, and even “clear well,” when you have extra line at your feet and a fish is streaking for the horizon.

Both of these lines utilize a slightly longer rear taper that allows superior mending ability as well as enhancing the ability to make medium to longer casts.  From 25 to the 40-foot mark, these lines were just magical, and stretching the distance out to 60 feet was easier than with a standard belly line.    

SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity
New Infinity Fly Line