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Taylor TRUTH  9’#4   $649.00

Taylor fly rods
Taylor TRUTH 9'#4

George’s Comments: 

Here is a new rod that has not appeared in any of our previous Shootouts.  Unfortunately like a few other rods, it is only available in a 9-foot model as a 4-weight, and this hurt its performance scores a bit. I like a lot of things about this rod.  The craftsmanship was excellent and it performed very well for me, especially at 40 feet, where I was getting beautiful tight loops and very good accuracy. 

This is a fast action rod. It’s perhaps a little heavy in swing weight, and this as well as its stiffness, hurt its score at 25 feet.  As I put more line in the air, it tracked beautifully and was just a delightful rod to cast at 40 feet.

This is a good-looking rod, finished in a non-glare flat black.  The wraps are also black, nicely trimmed in light gray on the butt sections. An attractive X-pattern graphite wrap is used behind the logo, just above the cork handle.  The epoxy coatings over the wraps are nicely done, and I especially like the fact that they inscribe the rod length and weight on the bottom wrap of each section.  This can be a huge help if you have multiple rods and the sections get mixed up.

The Cork handle is a full wells design that is slightly smaller where your thumb would rest, ahead of the swell in the middle of the handle.   The black anodized double unlocking skeleton seat has two larger rings that are very easy to grip and tighten. A gray graphite insert is used that goes well with the blank.  I’m impressed with the guide set up, starting with a hook keeper, then one SiC stripping guide, followed with the best nickel/titanium and flexible single-foot guides as on the Zephrus and Sky.

The perfect line:  SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity in WF-4-F

George’s casting notes:

Performance at 25 feet:  18.5 points out of 20

The stiffness hurt, and it was hard for me to cast off the tip of the rod. I’m not getting much feel either.

Performance at 40 feet:  19.5 points out of 20

Forty feet was definitely the sweet spot for this rod. Now it tracks perfectly and I’m getting nice tight loops.  Here it feels as good as the Scott rods and the Helios 3F.                                                                                              

Performance at 60 feet:  9.0 points out of 10

Nice and smooth. I’m able to form fairly tight loops, but the accuracy is not as good as what I’m getting with the Helios 3F or the Avantt.

Taylor TRUTH 9'#4
Taylor fly rods

James’ Comments: 

Normally when we test a rod from a new rod company the rod doesn’t make the cut for one reason or another.  After casting the Taylor Truth however, we couldn’t deny it a spot in the line-up.  Reminiscent of older G. Loomis’ GLX rods, the Truth is built for speed.  Light in hand for a longer rod, the Truth was one of my favorite 9-foot rods tested.  Crisp and clean, the Truth had a lot of power, recovered quickly, and had the ability to throw tight loops. 

While the 9’#4 Truth was too long and stiff for a perfect all around 4-weight, I’m curious and excited to see how their 9’#5 and 9’#6 versions will perform.

1st impressions:

Feels like a 9’#5.  Matte charcoal color, and lightly sanded.  Large nickel/titanium flexible single foot guides. Large full wells cork grip, with good quality cork.  A nice reel seat as well.

Performance at 25 feet: 17.3 points out of 20

Feels light in hand for a 9-foot rod, but not much feel in close.  

Performance at 40 feet:  18.5 points out of 20

Surprisingly nice blend of power and feel at 40 feet.  Accuracy is good!

Performance at 60 feet:  9.3 points out of 10

Excellent reserve power, great line control in the air, good accuracy – an impressive performance!

Taylor TRUTH 9'#4
Taylor fly rods

Logan’s Comments: 44.5 out of 50

The Taylor Truth is the first Taylor rod to be featured in one of our Shootouts.   I was very impressed by Taylor’s Truth rod.  I’ve heard a lot about Taylor, but since they don’t have an established dealer network it has been harder to get their products in our hands.  I knew of a few people fishing their reels and they have nothing but good things to say, so I was excited when I heard they were sending us a rod to test.  The Truth had nice cosmetics and a good overall look.  It was also very light in the hand.  I liked the faster action and it was one of the better performing 9-foot rods in the Shootout.    

Performance at 25 feet: 18 out of 20

At 25 feet the Truth lacked a little feel.  It was forming tight loops and was accurate, but lacked the feel I look for in a 4 weight.

Performance at 40 feet: 18.5 out of 20

The Taylor Truth was a pleasant rod to cast at 40 feet.  I was hitting the plate with ease. 

Performance at 60 feet: 8 out of 10

At 60 feet the Truth was performing well.  It was light in hand without sacrificing power.

Taylor TRUTH 9'#4
Taylor TRUTH 9'#4

Francis’ Comments:

The Truth was another one of those rods 9’ rods that I would have preferred in an 8’6” size.  The overall stiffness hurt, especially at the closer distances.   This is a really nice looking rod with a somewhat sinister all black blank and wraps give the rod a “ready to go to battle” type of look.

Performance at 25 feet: 17.5/20

Tough to load this rod in close.  I was not getting very good accuracy either.

Performance at 40 feet: 18/20

I thought the Truth felt really nice at 40 feet and was giving me nice loops with good control.  

Performance at 60 feet: 8.5/10

Like a lot of the other 9’ rods, the Truth had good power and accuracy at 60’.

Taylor TRUTH 9'#4
Taylor TRUTH 9'#4

Chloe’s Comments:

I started off intrigued by the Truth.  Its matte black finish and modern looking design had me wondering if we were ready for the truth…  Looks aren’t everything though, and luckily the Truth has a nice medium fast action, but it was stiffer than the best 4-weights.  I felt I may have liked it more in a five weight.

Performance at 25 feet: 16.5 out of 20

         As a stiffer rod, I found the Truth to be a little less gentle than the best rods at close range.  It is a light rod, but the stiffness hurt my presentations.

Performance at 40 feet: 17 out of 20

         Getting line out with the Truth is not a problem. It performed better at 40 feet and produced nice tight loops.

Performance at 60 feet: 8 out of 10

         The upside to a stiffer butt and mid section was the ease of casting long distances. Even in the wind, the Truth was able to maintain good loop control, giving me good accuracy.