Best Buy Trout Spey

Here is our pick for the best Best-Buy rod and reel combo for swinging flies.   

The Orvis Clearwater 12' 5wt. is a powerful rod yet it has a wide, easy-to-load sweet spot and is a great rod to learn spey casts with. At 12 feet long, the Clearwater is long enough to make big mends and manipulate the line better than shorter trout spey rods, yet it doesn't feel brutally heavy.  


Orvis Clearwater Spey




We matched this rod with an Orvis Battenkill IV reel, which is light, durable, and proven to last the test of time.  You’ll have this reel for a long time thanks to its simple and effective design and hardcore durability. We also like the classic click and pawl sound you get with the Orvis Battenkill.  However for the largest fish caught on the Battenkill, you may want to “palm” the rim of the spool, which will add extra resistance to the reel’s drag.  In this respect you can make the drag as strong as you need manually.  That being said, it has enough resistance to keep the reel and line from free spooling and can stop a fair sized fish, which is all you really need.   There won’t be any need to yell out “fish on!” to your buddies since the sweet, classic sound of the Battenkill will do the talking for you!  

Orvis Battenkill

The Airflow Skagit Scout 360 line is the perfect match for the Orvis Clearwater 12'#5.  We decided to also give you the choice of the heavier 390gr. Scout as well.  Most people who are learning to spey cast can benefit from a slightly heavier line to help load the rod and provide the feel and feedback that a new caster needs.  

Airflo skagyscouty

AirFlo's Flo tips (10' of T-10) make the perfect compliment to the Scout shooting head.  These tips have a thicker diameter and more mass than other tips, which means a smoother transition between your line and leader.  The result is awesome turnover and even tighter loops, which is good for punching through wind, and landing casts on their mark.


Airflo flotip    amnesia



As far as running line goes, we cut down costs by loading your reel up with 50 yards of #20 pound Amnesia. This is the same material we use in the but sections of our Hot Butt leaders.  It does have some memory to it, especially when it’s cold outside so you'll want to stretch this before each day's use but it’s easy to see and shoots great at a much cheaper price than other mono running lines.   

Last but not least we Give you the perfect amount of backing and include a short but effective  Hand Tied Trout Spey Leader designed for excellent turnover and stealth.  When fishing a sink tip a long leader defeats the purpose of the tip, too short and the fish may see the black tungsten coated line on your FLO tip.  This leader is just right!


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