Best Buy Trout Switch

It was hard to pick the best economical outfit because the St. Croix Imperial was also excellent and about the same price.

One of the things we liked better about the Fenwick Aetos is its lighter swing weight and better in hand feel.  If you’re going to be high sticking out of the boat all day chasing a bobber, your arm is going to get fatigued.  Lighter rods enable you to keep fishing hard, even when you are starting to get tired.  The Aetos is great for that.  It gives great feel and sensitivity and has the power to cast across the river if you're swinging flies.  The Aetos comes in a deep blue color that shines nicely in the sun.  The reel seat has nice threads that don’t collect sand or grit and get jammed.  The Aetos has large snake style guides, which assist in allowing a line tangle to escape through the tip when you have a fish peeling line off your reel.

Fenwick Aetos

We matched this rod with an Orvis Battenkill IV reel, which is light, durable, and proven to last the test of time.  You’ll have this reel for a long time thanks to its simple and effective design and hardcore durability. We also like the classic click and pawl sound you get with the Orvis Battenkill.  However for the largest fish caught on the Battenkill, you may want to “palm” the rim of the spool, which will add extra resistance to the reel’s drag.  In this respect you can make the drag as strong as you need manually.  That being said, it has enough resistance to keep the reel and line from free spooling and can stop a fair sized fish, which is all you really need.   There won’t be any need to yell out “fish on!” to your buddies since the sweet, classic sound of the Battenkill will do the talking for you!  

Orvis Battenkill

Last but not least, we rig you up with the Rio InTouch Switch line, the perfect amount of running line and backing, and include one of our own Hand Tied Trout Switch Leaders for great turnover abd easy indicator adjustment.