Mid Priced Trout Spey




If you’re looking for that high end feel and performance of our ultimate trout spey set up, but don’t want to spend nearly as much as you might spend on a used Honda Accord, take a look at our mid-priced outfit. 


G. Loomis IMX PRO short spey trout spey

At the conerstone of the outfit we have the IMX PRO from G.Loomis. Tag team designed by Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff, the G. Loomis IMX PRO is a terrific all-around swinging weapon. It doesn't matter if you're the most seasoned two-hander or a complete "noob", the IMX PRO is light, powerful, and fun to fish.  All of the IMX PRO two-handers are a unique length of 11 feet 11 inches.  Why not 12 feet?  We’re not sure, but the end result is a rod that performs extremely well while swinging, yet can still be used aggressively as a switch rod out of the boat.  The length of the rod enables effortless, long casts but what really impresses me about the IMX Pro is it’s powerful butt section.  Not only does this work well for saving a cast here and there should you get your timing wrong, but it also allows you to punch into the wind better than other rods – something we have to deal with nearly everyday on the Yellowstone.  I also like the stiffness in the butt section for setting the hook if you happen to be fishing a streamer or nymph under the bobber.  For me the 11’11” 5wt. is the perfect blend between power and maneuverability, but if  you prefer a softer more full flexing trout spey rod, be sure to check out the 4wt. which is amazingly smooth and even more effortless to cast. 

If you think you might be fishing rivers like the Missouri or Bighorn more often consider the 11’11” 4wt.  For rivers like the Yellowstone, Madison, or Bighole the #5 will be better for throwing larger flies, handling the wind, and casting further. 

tfo 375

We matched the IMX Pro up with one of our favorite trout switch and spey reels, the TFO 375.  We love this reel because it is extremely durable, relatively inexpensive, has a great drag, and it spins with the best of them.  All you have to do is flick the reel handle quickly and let the 375’s smooth bearings do the work.  You can also “slap” the face of your reel to accomplish the same fast spin which will bring your running line in at a rapid pace.  This can be handy not only when reeling in, but if you don’t cast as far as you think you were going to, you can spin your slack up quickly and swing it through with your line tight to the reel before re-casting.  If you like to strip your running line, as we often do while fishing for big browns, and get a hook up with 10-20 feet of running line out, very few reels can capture line as quickly as the TFO 375, enabling you to keep your eye on the fish and reel up your slack almost instantly.  The TFO 375 utilizes a carbon fiber drag system that compresses into the spool when tightened down.  The drag is smooth and reliable.  I personally own a couple that are now nearly 10 years old and they work just as well as they did a decade ago.  They have taken on some nicks and dings, but overall have proven to be extremely tough, even through some of the worst rip-rap falls. 

The TFO 375 comes in black, red, gold, or charcoal grey however most of our stock is now black. It will be difficult to find red or gold as these reels are now discontinued.  We also have a few larger TFO 425's in stock which are perfect for 8-11 weight spey rods, and also double as a solid tarpon reel should you make your way to the salt. 
Airflo skagit scout

The Airflow Scout 360 Skagit line is the perfect match with the 11’11” 5wt. G. Loomis IMX Pro.  It feels like this line was designed to be used on this rod, making it easy to learn spey casts with.  Experts will love this line as the 360 grain line perfectly loads the IMX Pro and will allow a good angler to achieve maximum distances with little to no effort.  AirFlo's Flo Tips make the perfect compliment to the Scout shooting head.  These tips have a thicker diameter and more mass than other tips, which means a smoother transition between your line and leader.  The result is awesome turnover and even tighter loops which is good for punching through wind and landing casts on their mark.

running line

As far as running line goes, everyone has their own preferences and we can adjust to this when you order an outfit.  Our standard is to use Scientific Anglers floating braided PE mono, which has a very slick coating and shoots well, yet does not have the memory issues of mono.  Also it is easier to grip than mono, which works well when stripping your fly to add action or while winter fishing, once your hands are cold.  It's got a great mix of characteristics that perform well and really minimizes the negatives.

Last but not least we Give you the perfect amount of backing and include a short but effective Hand Tied Trout Spey Leader designed for excellent turnover and stealth.  When fishing a sink tip a long leader defeats the purpose of the tip, too short and the fish may see the black tungsten coated line on your FLO tip.  This leader is just right!

Having the right gear is always the first step in having a successful day on the water, this set up will give you everything you need to tackle whatever gets thrown at you and wont break the bank doing it.  


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