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Climax Fluorocarbon
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Climax Fluorocarbon is one of the few fluorocarbon materials made in Germany rather than in Japan.  The quality of the material certainly seems to be on par with those coming from Japan.  The only down side was that it was over sized in both 2X and 4X, and their 6X actually mic’d out to be 5X, at .151 instead of .127 – a full size too big!  Breaking strengths good, but also a result from the thicker diameter.  Once knots were added, TroutHunter and Seaguar were the stronger materials.

We like their spool design, another clear “tippetmaster” using Rio’s patented design, however their white and red neoprene tippet tender could be improved. I could see flies getting stuck in it as well, especially with the tag end hanging out.  Might as well pick up a shark tooth tippet band if you are fishing this material to make life easier…