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Dai-Riki Dynamic Tippet
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Our guides were some of the first to point out Dai-Riki Dynamic’s is impressive stretch and suppleness. 2X ran very large, but 4X was significantly smaller than the industry average, 6X was slightly larger.  Dynamic’s stretch factor and suppleness was very close to TroutHunter nylon, making it an excellent choice for anglers that are looking for a very soft, flexible material to help contend with tricky currents.  The increased stretch factor is also helps put a damper on violent client strikes, and protects the smallest diameter tippets better than other materials.  We’ve been fishing this material on the spring creeks here for years now, and it has been all aces.  Ideal Usage:  technical angling where a perfect drift is paramount.   Stretch factor also helps dampen the effect of violent hook sets.