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Dai-Riki Fluorocarbon
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On average, Dai-Riki runs thinner than most fluorocarbons, hence its slightly weaker breaking strengths.  Dai-Riki was one of the only materials we tested that matched the industry standard in 2X (measuring .228 it was actually under the .229 standard). In 4X it was .172, .006 mm, (under the industry standard).  In 6X it measured a hair over.  Unfortunately other brands who are pushing the diameter limits end up looking like superior materials, but that is primarily do to their larger diameter size.  Anglers who are more concerned with getting the ultimate drift will appreciate the thinner diameters.

This is a strong material at a one of the best prices out there, plus one of the few who actually have correct diameters and are not oversized.  Another spool we recommend using a shark tooth tippet tender with since the plastic tippet tender sometimes “hops” up and down when pulling tippet off the spool.