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froghair fluorocarbon tippet
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While Frog Hair FC was impressively strong, it appears most of their strength is due to it’s larger diameter.   While it was slightly over in 6X, it was actually closer to 1X than 2X and closer to 3X than standard 4X.   For anglers who need extra abrasion resistance and less stealth, Frog Hair FC is a great option.  For example, perhaps your home river is a fast flowing freestone and you love to Czech nymph or use a lot of split shot, causing your fly (and tippet) to frequently hit jagged rocks and boulders.  Frog Hair’s extra diameter will also help in turning over streamers or heavily weighted nymphs rigs.

We like Frog Hair’s unique hexagonal spools.  Although not as big as some, Frog Hair spools still qualify as large arbor and are quite thin, making for less bulk when clipped together.  The tippet tender is labeled with the correct size “X” and pound test, however unlike other brands there is no brass hole to pull your tippet through. They could probably cut costs a bit by doing away with the black tippet holding tabs (which are not cut deep enough to hold the tippet in place very long).   In short Frog Hair FC is very strong tippet but also expect a thicker diameter.