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Seaguar GrandMax Tippet FX
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GrandMax FX has been another shop favorite for about 5 years now.   While it is not quite as strong as the original GrandMax, it is by far the supplest fluorocarbon we’ve found to date.  When facing extremely clear water and complex currents, GrandMax FX gives you the advantage of both worlds – the invisibleness of fluorocarbon yet the suppleness of nylon.

If you are fishing to huge, intelligent browns in the Arkansas River, and you can see the two-foot shapes underwater move away from your fly, tippet, or indicator on purpose, FX may be for you.  If you look at the breaking strengths, 6X is actually about the same as original GrandMax.   2X and 4X are slightly weaker, however if you are fishing with a 3 or 4 weight rod, the softer tip and action of the rod should help eliminate any extra break-offs.

We are glad to see Seaguar going back to their original spool design, which clip into each other and are less bulky than their “flying saucer” style spools.  While their original spool design is not overly impressive it gets the job done.  Since Fluorocarbon holds up well to UV rays, their clear spool is fine. Every now and then a fly will get stuck in the hair tie tippet tender, but otherwise we have no real beef.

Ideal uses:  For fooling the most intelligent, conditioned fish on the planet or whenever you need the best invisibility and drift.