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Orvis Superstrong Nylon Tippet
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Orvis nylon tippet has always had a strong following at our shop, and nationwide – and for good reason – it is super strong!  A major leading factor towards their super strength however, is due to it’s over sized diameters.  Orvis Super Strong 2X is actually closer to 1X.  If you are looking for a material with slightly thicker diameters for better abrasion resistance and also slightly better casting accuracy (through a stiffer material) then Orvis Super Strong is a great option.  If you are more concerned with getting a flawless drift, either look at brands with thinner diameters in general or consider using one size smaller size X tippet than you usually would fish with Super Strong.

Orvis came out with a new spool design this year.  We like the switch to black instead of clear, as well as the larger arbor.  Also, their tippet tender has been improved with a wider brass hole for the tippet to pass through and a wider tender, making it easier to read which “X” the materials are.  Unfortunately the way the spools click together is more difficult to click together and especially more difficult to pull apart.  Orvis should look into getting the same spools as Rio and Cortland.  Super Strong indeed!