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P-line Shinsei Tippet
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Let’s face it – fishing fluorocarbon can get expensive.  If you are looking for the invisibleness of fluorocarbon at a reasonable price P-line is your material.  Although P-line brand tippet is almost unheard of in the fly fishing market, it has been exceptionally popular with conventional fishing and on bass tournament circuits.   2X (8 pound test) still ran large, but they came under in 4X (4 pound test) and just over in 6X (2 pound test) compared to the fly fishing’s industry average.   They do have very accurate advertised size and our tested breaking strength was stronger than their advertised pound test by over a pound in each size.  While P-line makes several kinds of fluorocarbons, with different color tints and blends, we found Shinsei tested the strongest for its diameter.  If you have never tried fishing fluorocarbon due to cost, at .35 cents a meter, experimenting with fluorocarbon has never been more attractive.

Although P-line spools are super large arbor, they are quite bulky for keeping 4-6 spools in a vest pocket.   These spools are fine for keeping your tippet in a boat bag, as many guides do.  The spools don’t click into each other and there is no tippet tender at all.  While the grey tippet tab is cut deep enough to hold your tippet, it is prone to falling out. 

One of the best prices you’ll find in fluorocarbon.  If you consistently rig 6 to 12 feet of straight fluoro, this could be your material.