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TroutHunter Nylon
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The main reason to purchase TroutHunter nylon is for it’s exceptional stretch and suppleness.  Only Dai-Riki Dynamic felt equally as stretchy and supple.  The extra stretch we found in TroutHunter nylon could be an advantage for anglers that have a tendency to strike a little too hard, or for angler’s who want to achieve the best drift possible.  The only downside we found, was that TroutHunter nylon was significantly weaker than other brands, therefore anglers who fish it should also fish with soft tipped graphite rods, or even fiberglass if possible to avoid breaking off fish during their hook sets.

TroutHunter blew everyone away in spool design.   A fusion of art and function, TroutHunter’s spools not only look fantastic, they also are the smoothest tippet dispenser out there. The spools clip together well, and are much thinner than other manufactures – allowing you to carry the same number of spools with less bulk.  Their waterproof, color-coded tippet tenders have no brass holes or hard plastic to pass through, hence the material comes off completely undamaged with little memory coil.  There’s not much room for improvement here except perhaps printing what “X” and pound test on their color-coded tippet tenders are, (like Rio). That way, you can tell what X each spool is if you don’t have the colors memorized.

Although somewhat more expensive than other nylon tippet materials up front, TroutHunter gives you twice as much material on each spool (.   At 13 cents per meter, it was one of the least expensive materials we tested.  As long as you gauge up (and use 3X when you would normally use 4X) this tippet’s extra stretch could be useful for novice anglers or guide clients.   Otherwise expert angler’s will benefit from better drifts where technical currents are always shifting.  That being said, here at the shop we sell over 100 spools of TroutHunter Fluorocarbon for every spool of TroutHunter Nylon.

TroutHunter now offers a tippet post, which will accommodate the large arbor spools and also has a waterproof “stash” compartment. 


trouthunter tippet holder
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After an extensive search, the guys at TroutHunter finally tracked down a tippet post that will accommodate the unique large arbor design of the TroutHunter Tippet Spool.  This post will easily hold 6 spools of TroutHunter tippet material. Central arbor post features a small waterproof stash compartment and lanyard attachment ring. Available in black, red, or blue colors.