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TroutHunter Fluoro
TroutHunter Fluoro

In Our Closest Shootout ever, TroutHunter is our 2012 tippet shootout winner by a hair.  While TroutHunter’s double structure fluorocarbon produced equal straight pull breaking strengths and knot strengths as Seaguar, it’s cheaper price per meter, the availability of “half sizes,” and it’s outstanding spool design gave it the edge.

The test results were suspiciously close between TroutHunter Fluorocarbon and Seaguar GrandMax, so close in fact that we actually called Seaguar and asked them if they extruded TroutHunter.  They said “no” but we are still a little skeptical.  

While the $22.95 price per spool may produce sticker shock, at .46 cents per meter it is still a great value.  You get 50 meter on each spool of TroutHunter compared to 23-30 meters on the competitive spools.  

(Note* 03X, 02X, and 01X come in 25 meter spools from TroutHunter).  

TroutHunter fluorocarbon pulls off the spool perfectly with no line memory or damage to the tippet.   There’s not much room for improvement on spool design  except perhaps printing what “X” and pound test on their color-coded tippet tenders are, (like Rio). That way, you can tell what X each tippet spool is without memorizing which color is which.

TroutHunter now offers a tippet post, which will accommodate the large arbor spools and also has a waterproof “stash” compartment, (see below).  

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trouthunter tippet holder
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After an extensive search, the guys at TroutHunter finally tracked down a tippet post that will accommodate the unique large arbor design of the TroutHunter Tippet Spool.  This post will easily hold 6 spools of TroutHunter tippet material. Central arbor post features a small waterproof stash compartment and lanyard attachment ring.  Available in assorted colors.