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Varivas nylon tippet
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We were actually quite impressed by Varivas nylon.  While this product has not been as popular or as readily available as Orvis, Umpqua, or Rio, it proved to be on par with these popular materials. It mic’d out near perfect to their advertised sizes and was only slightly larger in 2X and 6X than the industry average.  In 4X it was significantly under, and its breaking strength reflected that, (can’t have it all I guess).   In 2X, 1X, and 0X you get the normal 30M, but guides and serious anglers will appreciate the 50M spools in 3X-10X. 

A couple down sides, the first was it’s slightly higher than average price of  .28 ¢ – .46 ¢ per meter.  Also, we found some Varivas spools didn’t click together very well, resulting in the spools eventually separating and in some cases not clicking together at all.