Ultimate Trout Spey



If you plan to swing for trout the Sage ONE 12’6” 5wt. Trout Spey is the sweetest rod you can find at ANY price.   This rod is the perfect length for spey casts, insanely light which makes mending and high sticking super easy, and just plain launches a fly.  If you are a steelheader looking to keep your cast in tip top shape while you are not pursing steelhead, this rod is going to feel and act like your 7 or 8 weight spey rod yet feel much lighter and more fun while fishing for fish under 30 inches.  

Sage one trout spey

I really enjoyed fishing this rod in every condition that came up.  If it was calm, I could take my time and really let the rod do the work, making casting both smooth and easy.  If the wind picked up, (as it usually does in Livingston on the Yellowstone), I could cast more aggressively with the ONE and “punch” a long bomb out there with more ease and controll than anything else offered.  The other two rods that seemed to handle the wind well were the 11’11” G. Loomis IMX Pro and the 11’9” Thomas and Thomas DNA

What impressed me the most about the Sage ONE trout spey was its length and power to weight ratio.  As the second longest rod in review, it still felt lively and light in my hand.  Is it worth paying $700 to have such a light and powerful rod? YES, a resounding yes. At the end of the day you're not beat up and tired and you're still mentally fresh as well.  The rod doesnt wear you out and it makes casting such a fun exercise that you're not getting frustrated, you're concentrating on the fish and the fishing, and that's the way it should be.

Einarsson Invictus

Our pick for the ultimate trout spey reel to match up with the ultimate trout spey rod has to be the new Einarsson Invictus 8/10.  Designed and made in Iceland, the Invictus truly is a high-end reel.  Not only does it look and feel like the Bentley or Rolls Royce of reels, but it also has a technology that no other reel has - a spring loaded drag that increases hook up rates and fish landed.  Instead of the drag being conected directly to the spool there is a "clocking spring'' between them which allows the drag to pre-load before fully engaging.  This means that your tippet and tackle are not subjected to the immediate full on or full off stress involved with a standard drag.  This is especially important when swinging for Atlantic Salmon or steelhead where you may only see one hook up a week but it's also nice when fishing for big browns and rainbows too.  This drag is enough to make any angler fall in love with the Invictus however, the outstanding build quality, looks, and sound shouldn't got without mention.  Finding a nicer reel will be difficult. 

Airflo Sagit Scout

The Airflow Scout 360 Skagit line works perfectly with the Sage ONE 12’6”#5 trout spey.  It loads the rod well, making your spey, double spey, snap T, snap Z, and D-loop smooth yet powerful.  AirFlo's Flo tips make the perfect compliment to the Scout shooting head.  These tips have a thicker diameter and more mass than other tips, which means a smoother transition between your line and leader.  The result is awesome turnover and even tighter loops which is good for punching through wind and landing casts on their mark.  The Ultimate Trout Spey Setup deserves nothing less than the best so we've included not one Flo tip but the entire Airflow FLO tip “kit” which includes 5 tips ranging from the lightest T7, all the way up to T-18.  This will allow anglers to choose the best tip for the speed, depth, and temperature of the water they are fishing. 

running line

As far as running line goes, everyone has their own preferences and we can adjust to this when you order an outfit.  Our standard is to use Scientific Anglers Floating Braided PE Mono, which has a very slick coating and shoots well, yet does not have the memory issues of mono.  Also it is easier to grip than mono, which works well when stripping your fly to add action or while winter fishing, once your hands are cold.  It's got a great mix of characteristics that perform well and really minimizes the negatives.

Last but not least we Give you the perfect amount of backing and include a short but effective Hand Tied Trout Spey Leader designed for excellent turnover and stealth.  When fishing a sink tip a long leader defeats the purpose of the tip, too short and the fish may see the black tungsten coated line on your FLO tip.  This leader is just right!

This combination is incredible, giving the angler the best equipment and the best chance at swinging up a trout, and as we all know swinging up trout (or steelhead / salmon) requires confidence.  In order to swing up a fish, you must believe it will happen.  If any outfit is going to make it happen this is it.  


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