Ultimate Trout Switch

The Douglas DXF series has long been a favorite of ours since we saw how well it performed in our 5-weight shootouts.  It has become our favorite mid priced rod, featured in several of our outfits because it's a serious bang for your buck deal.  The DXF switch is no different and despite being a mid priced rod we are giving it the designation of the Ultimate Trout Switch rod because, simply, it is the best. 

 Ben's brown

Ben McCracken with a great Mt, Brown caught with the DXF... PC: J.G. 


This rod is exceptionally light both in terms of overall weight and swing weight.  Of all 17 two-handers we cast, only the featherweight Hardy Jet was lighter.  The DXF has a great amount of power despite its lightweight.  We had great success whether we were casting spey style into the wind, utilizing the power of the rod or nymphing a seam just out of the boat where finesse and touch were important.  The DXF proved to be an incredibly versatile tool to have in the boat thanks to it's lack of weight, super well designed action, and general fishability.  This is a great rod that really opened up a lot of water for us that can sometimes be tough to fish with other techniques.

The cork grip on the DXF is a higher quality than other rods in its price range, and significantly nicer than less expensive trout switch rods.   We like the matte green blank color and the matching green thread wraps over the snake foot style guides.  While not overly fancy, the aluminum up-lock reel seat functions well and ties everything toegther in a really comfortable good looking package.


We match all of our mid-priced outfits with a Temple fork Outfitters 375 Large Arbor reel.  We love this reel reel for a few reasons, first, it's built like a tank and can really take a beating.  Several people on our staff fish these reels a couple of them are more than a decade old, one's even been run over by a truck, still going strong.  They look great and have a smooth, super burly drag that can give you the delicacy you need for light tippet or the power you need to stop a hard charging fish.  Maybe our favorite feature of the 375 is its awesome capacity to free spin.  When fishing a two-handed rod we often find ourselves with a LOT of line to manage.  If a fish hits with a lot of running line out it's easy for things to go haywire, the 375's awesome bearings help us here.  A flick of the handle or a quick smack to the face of the reel gets the spool spinning and can take up the extra slack in a flash getting you tight to the fish and putting you in control.   

TFO 375

For this outfit we went with the Rio intouch Switch WF-5-F line as the perfect match.  You’ll be able to turn over an indicator, even in harsh wind, and the nice long rear taper means that you can stack mend down stream really effectively.  20 lb. backing fills up the ample space of the 375 and gives you the insurance  you need just incase you hook into that fish of a lifetime.    

Rio switch

Last but not least, we include one of our own Hand Tied Trout Switch Leader.  Tied with a stiff butt section for great turnover, we use a long knotless section of 20 pound to allow for easy indicator adjustment and include a swivel to keep everything straight.


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